Custom built, finely tuned, and highly effective, Queen City Strength’s equipment is ideal for any fitness discipline you practice. Our unique hybrid collection offers a wide array of isolation, free-weight, and pin-loaded resistance developed, tested and selected by the giants of our time.


We have cardio because cardiovascular health is important. Together with strength training, it’s regular, varied practice is a key component of a healthful, long, independent life. We have treads, ellipticals, steppers, arcs, ergonomics, and group fitness classes because they are highly effective at strengthening our cardiovascular health, opening full range of motion, and assisting weight loss goals.


We brought in Westside Barbell, York Barbell, USA Strength and Performance, Arsenal Strength, and Rogue Fitness - because strength is the focus. We need to be strong. Strong communities with focused goals are strong enough to weather the toughest storms, surmount the greatest obstacles, and evolve with every change.

Because when you’re strong you can run farther,

climb higher, bike, row, and ski longer.

When you’re strong you can go hiking, help move your

friend’s couch, and get on the floor to play with your grandkids.


You can carry the deer back on your shoulders

or dance the night away.


When you’re strong, you set the example for yourself,

your loved ones, and your community.

You are strong and together we are Queen City Strong.


Check out what your gym has to offer. Locker rooms, Kids' Lounge, and more...

Group Fitness

Whether you want to pump it up or relax into the flow, we have you covered.

Specialty Programs

Specialized workout plans to match your fitness goals, whether building muscle or losing fat.

More Information

To learn more about our programs, offerings, and memberships, check out our "get started" page. 


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